In Agra, a woman's head was shaved off by her husband and in-laws after giving birth to the second girl child. She was also physically assaulted by the in-laws. 


The woman filed a written complaint against the husband and in-laws at the Malpura police station. The complaint mentions that Nannu, the victim is married to Rashid, a tempo driver, from past seven years and has a four-year-old daughter. 


In the third week of this month, Nannu gave birth to their second girl child and since then, her husband and in-laws have been physically and mentally torturing and also assaulting her. Also, her head has been shaved off by the husband and in-laws. 


The victim is suffering from anemia and as per a Times Of India report, the station officer of Malpura informed that the victim is physically week and the police has asked her husband to take her to a hospital for treatment.