Hathras district magistrate Parveen Kumar Laxar has claimed that the 19-year-old victim had to be cremated in the night because there were intelligence reports about some vested interests trying to provoke caste tensions.

Taking full responsibility for his decision, the DM told the Allahabad high court on Monday that there was also a high possibility of the body decomposing further if the last rites were delayed.

The division bench of Justice Pankaj Mithal and Justice Rajan Roy heard the 19-year-old victim's family and also various government officials during its two-hour hearing.

The victim's family put forth some demands before the court:

Demand 1
Reports of CBI be kept confidential

Demand 2
Case be moved out of Uttar Pradesh

Demand 3
Security for family till case concludes

The family claimed that the Hathras police did not register their FIR and ensure proper medical aid to the victim. Asserting that they had no confidence in the administration, they also claimed that the local police had been harassing them and that the DM had been mounting pressure on them.

The court then adjourned the hearing till November 2.