Bengaluru: Soon Bengaluru will have one-hour free wi-fi services every day at various places in the city, free of cost, said deputy chief minister CN Ashwathnarayan.

Across Bengaluru, more than 4000 places including education institutions, hospitals, bus stops, places of commercial activities etc will soon have free wi-fi, he said.

He was speaking at the conclusion of the Bengaluru Tech Summit held at Palace Grounds in the city.

"At last the time has come to fulfil the demand of people for implementation of free high speed wi-fi in the city," said Ashwathnarayan.

"The government aims at realising the dreams of Digital India. Everybody in the city must be able to use at least one-hour of free wi-fi. In this regard, 4000 wi-fi spots will be identified. This project including wi-fi towers, cameras etc will cost Rs 100 crore," he said.

He further stated that the government will not spend any money on this as after talks with ACT Fibernet, the internet service provider has agreed to grant this facility as social service and will not charge anything, he added. All they have asked for is power connection and that will be considered, he said.

He also said that the project will take nine months to complete. 

The Karnataka government is committed towards its promise of providing 1 gigabyte speed wi-fi which will lead to communication revolution in Bengaluru.