On April 22, a Sub Inspector of Punjab Police got married in a grand ceremony in Jalandhar, Punjab. The uniqueness of this wedding is that this was a same-sex marriage, not only one of its kinds in India but also in many parts of the world. 

According to various reports, SI Manjit Kaur got married to her bride wearing a red turban and the bride arrived on a chariot in the grand wedding that took place in Pucca Bagh. The marriage was solemnised as per Hindu wedding rituals, The Tribune reported. 

The video of this wedding has already gone viral after being posted on social media. According to another report in India.com, the marriage took place with the consent of both the families and the ceremony was attended by classmates and colleagues of SI Manjit Kaur. 

This is a bold and progressive move considering the fact that LGBTQ rights are still an alien concept in India and Section 377 of IPC criminalises homosexuality.