Many studies have revealed that clicking selfies has become a disease and it just cannot be stopped. It is so addictive that people have died taking selfies as well in several parts across the globe.


Now to curb the mania, Delhi’s one of the most popular colleges, Miranda House, have issued a circular for their School of Open Learning (SOL) students that if they are found taking selfies in the corridor, they will be suspended for a day.


The SOL students usually attend classes on Sunday and they tend to hang around in the corridors during their break and leisure time. It is then they sit on the corridor ledges and take selfies, students comb their hair and laze around.


The principal of the college Pratibha Jolly clearly stated that they are not discriminating between the students of the Miranda House and SOL. It is for their safety concern that the college authorities have come with such a circular.


The SOL students have now started protesting against the decision terming it to be a misogynistic one.


Should other colleges follow the footstep of Miranda House or should they just let things be as they are? These questions will rise under such circumstances.