This advice has come following the killing of an Indian man from Hyderabad, who is the first victim of the racial attack in the US after Trump took charge as the President.


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The Association has said that the country doesn’t look happy to see the Indians prosper there. So, after a primary research, it has come up with five instant solutions to continue working in the US but still being in their good books.


1)    Do not flaunt your wealth

The first thing the Indians, especially Telugu speaking community has been asked to stop is flaunting their wealth to the native Americans. Do not boast about the expensive vehicle you have, the posh house you own or the quantity of jewellery you have stored.


2)    Speak English

Though you are true to your mother tongue, try to speak in English. Learn their accent. Most of the Indians living and working in the US know English but their accent is different. If you think you can manage without knowing English, it is pretty dangerous.


3)    Dressing

In your dressing do not look too different from them. Try to look common and opt to wear dresses that do not make you stand out in a crowd. Just look one with your neighbours who are Americans and have a healthy conversation with them.


4)    Mingle and socialise

This is very important says the association. Staying aloof may make you look different than them. Instead, mingle with them, and you will get to know them and understand their culture. When they also know you and your culture, there will be understanding.


5)    Fund-raising for political leaders

Having a representative who can address Indian’s issues will help the Indians in their trouble, and their stay will become relatively safe. Thus Indians should actively take part in fund-raising for the political leaders, and this will keep them in the leader’s good books.


But after all this one question remains, if you have to go through such a makeover and adjustments, is it worth it?