Bengaluru: After setting up several mobile intensive care units (ICUs) and care centres across the city, the Karnataka government is getting very innovative with increasing the number of hospital beds in Bengaluru.

The containers used at construction sites have been transformed into well-equipped ICUs. One such container has been changed into an intensive care unit behind K C General Hospital Malleshwaram here.

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Each of the containers has six beds, all equipment needed for such units including oxygen supply are available in the containers.

These containers provide modern amenities at a very low cost. Fifty such beds have now been readied and they can be shifted elsewhere if there is a need. In the coming days, the state government plans to set up more such container ICUs.

Additional ICU beds have been provided at KC General Hospital, Victoria Hospital, CV Raman Hospital, and Isolation Hospital.

The state government is prepared to see that there is no dearth of intensive care units in case of COVID-19 backlash.

The number of COVID-19 infected persons has been coming down in the state now. However, the government cannot be complacent as the second wave of the pandemic can hit without notice.