India PM Modi may have taken a brave step to ban Chinese apps including the popular TikTok - video making platform, to teach them a lesson for attacking Indian soldiers but the banned app still makes it way to India via its Facebook page and Instagram account.

As per the data sourced, 19,618,032 are following the banned app in India, and 19,306,008 have liked their video content.

Whereas on Instagram, the banned app has a whopping 3.9 million followers.

Both the social media platforms have the latest video content and interestingly the video content has Hindi subtitles to attract Indian followers of TikTok on Facebook and Instagram.

In June, after 20 Indian soldiers from 16 Bihar Regiment were killed by People's Liberation Army of China in Galwan Valley, brave PM Narendra Modi ordered to ban over 50 Chinese apps to teach them a lesson through an attack on the Chinese economy which is dependent on Indian consumers.