In Noida, UP, a 62-year old woman died after prolonged illness, but her body could not be cremated since bank refused to money withdrawal due to cash crunch


The deceased, Phoolmati Devi's son claimed that his account in Bank of India's Noida branch has ₹16,000, but the bank refused his the money saying that they do not have the cash to disburse the money two days in a row. 


The son claimed that the family did not have the money to pay for the last rites of the deceased. 


The agitated family then started protesting on the spot and also alleged that the Bank of India officials were giving out money to people having a 'higher approach'. 


The bank manager, on the other hand, claimed that the branch had not received cash to disburse among customers. 


Following the protest, police reached the spot, and one sub-inspector handed over ₹2000 to the family to perform the last rites. A local politician also offered ₹10,000 to the family. 


As per a Times Of India report, the police has confirmed that the last rites will be performed and the matter is under investigation to see whether the bank on purpose denied the cash to the family. Action will be taken if the bank officials are found guilty.