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'Aaj JCB ka test tha...' Nagaland's BJP Minister Temjen Imna Along's video goes viral (WATCH)

Nagaland government minister and BJP leader Temjen Imna Along captured public attention with a viral video shared on social media. The video depicts Along stuck in mud near a pond, with efforts made by three individuals to rescue him.

Aaj JCB ka test tha Nagaland's BJP Minister Temjen Imna Along's video goes viral (WATCH)
First Published Feb 10, 2024, 6:09 PM IST

Temjen Imna Along, a prominent Bharatiya Janata Party leader and minister in the Nagaland government, has once again caught the public's attention with his distinctive approach. On Saturday morning, he shared a video on his social media platform, which quickly went viral, garnering significant attention from viewers.

The video depicts Temjen Imna Along in a predicament, as he finds himself stuck in the mud along the banks of a pond. Three individuals can be seen struggling to extricate him from the mud, while Temjen himself makes earnest efforts to free himself. Despite the challenging circumstances, he manages to eventually emerge from the mud, aided by the collective efforts of those present.

Lasting for 4 minutes and 42 seconds, the video captures the tense moments as one individual attempts to lift the BJP leader from the mud, while two others outside the mud pit attempt to pull him to safety. Temjen Imna Along, in his determined bid to escape, utilizes his hands for support and eventually crawls out of the mud. Subsequently, he rests on a chair by the pond's bank, observing others fishing in the vicinity. The video also features the presence of a JCB, adding to the scene's intrigue.

Accompanying the video, Temjen Imna Along shared a message, stating, "Today was the test of JCB. Note- This is all about NCAP rating. Before buying the car, definitely check the NCAP rating. Because it is a matter of your life."

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