Donald Trump yesterday reached the magic number of 1,237 delegates, making the real estate mogul the sole claimant to be the Republican party's presidential nominee for the November polls.


RealClearPolitics.Com, which keeps an unofficial count of State wise delegates, said Trump now has the support of 1,238 delegates, one more than the half way mark of 1237 to become the nominee of the Republican party for the November general elections.


Trump, 69, who joined politics less than a year ago, is the sole Republican left in the race to the White House which was crowded with as many as 17 candidates at the start of the year.


The billionaire would be officially anointed as the GOP presidential nominee at its four yearly convention at Cleveland in July.


Trump in his controversial speeches that dominated media headlines called Mexicans "rapists," vowed to construct a wall between the US and Mexico and impose a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants.


Trump and his potential Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, are currently in a virtual tie according to most of the latest national polls.


Clinton has yet to clinch the nomination. She is facing tough opposition from Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont.


Meanwhile, the Democratic Party today announced to launch a "Stop Trump Fund" to prevent him from becoming the President of the United States.