Robert Vadra has dismissed allegations of fraudulent land deals against him, saying they were false and that he will "always be used for political gains".

"Almost a decade of governments false and baseless accusations on me! They cannot prove anything without proof, and there is nothing there to prove...

"I will always be used for political gains, I know ...But I will walk with my head held high, as in time and with the truth which will conquer incorrect perceptions, that are created about me", the son-in-law of Congress President Sonia Gandhi said in a Facebook post.

Vadra has recently also been issued a notice by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for his alleged involvement in a land scam in Bikaner.

Justice SN Dhingra Commission, which was set up to probe land deals in Gurgaon, including one between realty major DLF and Vadra's Skylight Hospitality, was supposed to submit its verdict on Thursday.


However, Justice SN Dhingra has now asked for few more weeks. The extension comes amid criticism of the inquiry - Justice Dhingra summoned neither Vadra nor the "whistleblower" in his case, senior bureaucrat Ashok Khemka, who tried to cancel the land deal that's been described as corrupt.


According to an NDTV report Justice Dhingra has informed Chief Minister ML Khattar that he has received new information that could help identify government officials who colluded in illicit land deals before the BJP came to power.