Uber has always managed to be in news in some way or the other but this time they are in it for a noble reason. The global taxi service provider is all set rope in prostitutes and former criminals as drivers. In this way they can start their life afresh as well. This indeed is a noble cause.


But this is only likely to happen in few of the states of US. The list of Uber’s new employee will include former prostitutes, convicts of harassment, resisting arrest, petty theft or minor property damage.


According to reports, the rules have already been implemented in California and are likely to be carried out in Connecticut latest by early 2017.


However, people who have committed serious and more heinous crimes in the past are still banned from working in the popular app-based taxi service.


Executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut, David McGuire, stated that this would reduce the crimes across the United States of America.


This is what the founder of Uber had to say on his official Facebook page: