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Is lower belly fat bothering you? Here are 6 exercises that can help you get rid of it

Exercising daily can be perfect for your health. It can help you in weight loss and can also help you in getting rid of some of the stubborn fat like the abs present in your lower belly. You can perform these exercises at home without any equipment.

Is lower belly fat bothering you  Here are 6 exercises that can help you get rid of it sur
First Published Sep 28, 2022, 2:09 PM IST

Getting rid of belly fat can be a very challenging task. This challenge is faced by many. Many people want to get rid of it but might not know the methods and the correct exercises to do it. If you are trying to get rid of belly fat, you can practice these exercises daily along with a balanced diet. 

Mountain jumping: this exercise involves many muscles, resulting in a full-body workout. For this exercise, you must get into a plank position with your wrists on the ground right under your shoulders. It is essential to keep your core tight to start jogging in this position. 

Burpees: can be a little challenging at first, but once you get used to them, you will not complete your exercises without them. Burpees will not just work your core but also on your chest, triceps, lats and shoulders.

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Leg in, leg out: This exercise might not be as simple as it looks, and one requires immense stamina to get through this. But all the effort will make it count. Doing it correctly will target important areas like hamstrings, quads, glutes and even your upper body.

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Crunches: A good number of crunches will work on your rectus abdomens muscle and help tighten your belly, making it look flatter and toned. This exercise will be very useful in getting rid of belly fat.

Heel Touch: This is a relatively simple exercise many can consider including in their workout regimes. It will help you enhance your flexibility, fix your core and target the oblique muscles. This a simple exercise that even a beginner can do 

Russian Twist: As they say, save the best for the last, this exercise is every personal trainer's favourite and comes highly recommended. Remember to perform it in repetitive sets and, at one go, take 15 seconds gap between every set.

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