Bollywood superstar Sridevi Kapoor, considered by many to be one of the biggest names in Hindi cinema, has died after suffering a cardiac arrest in Dubai at the age of 54.

The shocking death of the beloved Indian star in her mid-fifties, who reportedly passed away while attending her nephew's wedding in the emirate late Saturday night, prompted an outpour of grief among fans and fellow Bollywood actors.

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Reports claim that it was Boney Kapoor who found Sridevi's body in the bathtub and called the police at 9 PM. She was allegedly in the bathroom for fifteen minutes.

According to Khaleej Times, Dubai Forensic Department officials confirmed that a second autopsy would not be conducted on Sridevi's body. They have also reported, that there could be a delay in releasing blood test and autopsy results of the late actress. Therefore, Sridevi's body is still in the morgue and the clearance might take a couple of hours.

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The report suggests that officials have said it is challenging to ascertain the exact time that Sridevi's body would be released to the family, as there are ongoing new developments in the case.  They also stated a few more or several hours to release the body from forensics. 

It is also said that no exceptions have been made in this case because Sridevi is an Indian celebrity and the results will come out depending on the nature of the case.