Vijay Deverakonda trolled massively for his statement against the voting system. The actor was seen endorsing dictatorship in a way, inviting heavy trolling and backlash from the netizens. In an interview with Anupama Chopra and Baradwaj Rangarajan from Film Companion, which was published on September 1, a deleted snippet was posted on Film Companion South's YouTube page on October 8.

When asked by Baradwaj is he was interested in politics and would join a party a few years down the line, he gave such a comment that landed him in a pool of controversies. The actor said that he doesn't believe everyone should be allowed to vote, " I don't think everyone should be allowed to vote," he said.

"Why we are having money and cheap liquor swnig a vote, is ridiculous. I am not saying that rich people should vote. I think the middle class, who have the most at stake, people who are educated and won't get swung by little money. I don't even think everyone should be allowed to vote because they don't know who they are voting for and why they are voting for." he argued.

Later he stressed upon endorsing dictatorship, "I would like to be a dictator if at all. I think that's the way to go. That's the way you can make changes. 'Just Shut up...I am having a good intention' You dont know what's good for you maybe, but just stick to this and 5-10 years down the line, its going to pay off. I hink somewhere, dictatorship is the right way, but you need to have a good guy," he added.

He was then cut off by Anupama Chopra. The interview was noticed by Twitter users and the heavy trolling began. Many pointed out his bizarre thinking is insensitive. Some called him out for a negative publicity stunt.