Terrorism has no religion: Aamir Khan

entertainment | 07 July 2016 4:32 AM (UTC)
Richa Barua

When asked about the growing terrorism, Aamir told reporters, "People who spread terrorism or do it, have no connection with mazhab (religion), that's what I think, then whether he is of any religion, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian..."

"However much as they say that they are doing it for religion, they have no relation with religion, because if they followed it, (they will know) mazhab teaches us to love," the 51-year-old actor said.

When asked about his views on whether controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik should be banned, the Dhoom 3 star said, "I won't comment on that. I have said what I want to."


Aamir was speaking at a special Eid press conference.  Last week, five Bangladeshi militants hacked to death 22 people at an upscale cafe in Dhaka's diplomatic enclave.     


Besides, three suicide bombings recently struck across Saudi Arabia in a single day, including an attack at Islam's second holiest site, the Prophet's Mosque in Medina, where four security guards were killed. 

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