Barely days after Malayalam actor Parvathy Thiruvothu resigned from the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists or AMMA, 2 more actors -- Revathy and Padmapriya -- have lashed out at the assoaication leadership

The actors, in a strongly-worded 2-page letter, said that 'no matter how adverse a scenario AMMA faces collectively as an organisation, the entire leadership will stay quiet'.

Like Parvathy, the ire of the two actors was directed at AMMA General Secretary Edevela Babu who had in a television interview earlier this week passed remarks about a female actor, who was the victim in the assault-and-rape case.

In the letter, the actors wrote: "Like in the past, the recent interviews by the general secretary of AMMA once again sets a dangerous example. An example that, some of the members in the AMMA leadership can use their position to disparage a criminal investigation that is sub judice." 

"An example that, as the only organisation in the film industry with close to 50 per cent women members, there will be no measures taken to protect, support and encourage them. Instead, it appears that all efforts will be made to alienate and ridicule them and their issues in public. An example that, no matter how adverse a scenario AMMA faces collectively as an organization, the entire leadership will stay quiet," they said.

"A journey embarked upon with a lot of pain but also with the hope of creating constructive awareness of issues of women as actors in the film industry. Those efforts have been effective in some ways because it created a space for discussions in the public forum that has never taken place before. The only common thread missing every time in this process has been the unwillingness of the AMMA leadership to engage and/or take constructive decisions or actions," they added.