After Alia Bhatt carried this generation’s anxiety as Kaira in Dear Zindagi, it’s her contemporary, Sonakshi Sinha’s turn to take on the mantle. Sinha’s titular film, Noor, releases in cinemas on April 21 and we’re excited for more than one reason. The promos and the trailer tease at Noor’s everyday problems and one doesn’t have to be a journalist to understand the protagonist’s life. One just has to be a millennial. Thank you, Bollywood for giving us films that urban, 20 somethings in India can relate to.


Noor in an unconscious complaint box




And so does every other 20 something woman who is stuck at a crossroads in her life and will most probably be stuck there until she reaches her thirties. Thanks, overprotective parents, overwhelming boss, random strokes of bad luck etc.


Does little to make it better




Hangovers are the worst and waking up with one quite often during a week? A nightmare. And yet this reality rules some lives that don’t spare a caring thought for their livers.


She’s yet to find her voice as a woman




Noor is an exhibit in clumsiness. Her awkwardness is really just a result of not having found her voice, her feet and most importantly, herself. In fact, the film ends with Sonakshi Sinha looking at herself in the mirror asking, “Who are you, Noor.”


Noor makes questionable choices in love because she’s a normal woman




Like many of us, she’s been fooled by popular culture into believing that one will meet the love of their life and get married in their 20s.


And she’s forever broke




If there’s a theme for people in their 20s, this is it.


While really struggling with her job




Who doesn’t when they just start working?


The 20s is no moonwalk but it bestows plenty of wisdom, strength and resilience if you don’t let it defeat you.