The actor's latest blog post is a reaction to the recent incidents from the state. Police cases and news reports have brought the increase in violence against children, at both homes and schools, to light. The post titled 'Tears for the Children' is an eye-opener and is a must read for students, parents and teachers.


Here are some excerpts from the post.


“These incidents which are reported in the news are not from far away lands, they are happening around us, in our homes and our neighbourhood. I am alarmed by the rise in suicide rates among children. Problems related to academics and the financial condition at homes are not new, they have always been prevalent in our society. Even back in my school days students used to fail in exams, and teachers and parents used to scold and punish them. But the children never committed suicide.


“However, I notice that some things have changed now. Rooms for torture have replaced canes. Verbal and physical abuse has replaced scolding. Instead of protecting the young ones, we are being cruel on them. I request parents and teachers not to be harsh on children if they fail to achieve what was expected of them. But I don’t have anything to say to people who abuse children, because they don’t deserve any advice. Such people should be punished without showing an ounce of kindness.


"I have something to say to the children: Suicide is never a solution. I can understand the difficulties some of you face in life everyday but you should always try to overcome them. Never be afraid to point fingers at those who exploit and abuse you, or else they will not stop doing it. We have several role models who showed us how to fight and succeed in life... people like Swami Vivekananda, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and APJ Abdul Kalam. They should be inspirations for us to face the obstacles in life and succeed."