Amitabh Bachchan, the 'shahenshah' of Bollywood, is one of the biggest actors in Indian cinema. Besides north India, Big B is loved and admired by many down south too.

Last Sunday, Amitabh was addressing his fans outside his house Jalsa in Mumbai. The superstar greeted fans of almost all age groups gathered outside his house. However, the veteran actor was touched by one young fan, a little girl, about whom he tweeted. 


Taking to Twitter, Amitabh shared a few pictures of himself with his young fan. In the pictures, the girl can be seen walking into the gates of Jalsa and sweetly waving at the actor. He captioned the click as, “T 2734 - This little one braved the Sunday crowds and came through the gates .. just for a wave .. ! so cute .. !”



Soon as the tweet went viral, a journalist from Kerala named J Gopikrishnan (Twitter id @jgopikrishnan70) commented on Big B's tweet, "I cycled 40-50km to see you when you landed Thiruvananthapuram in the late 80s."

When another fan of Big B asked Gopikrishnan "do you have a picture to confirm that", he quickly replied, "ha ha ha no that time even not cameras are not so easily available with us (sic)."

Edit: We are not able to find Gopikrishnan's tweets anymore, though we managed to get hold of screengrabs.