Joaquin Phoenix-starrer 'Joker' won't be screened on satellite channels in India. 

The Film Certificate Appellate Tribunal has upheld the Censor Board's decision to not allow the film to be aired on TV channels since it glorifies violence.

In its order, the FCAT said: "We tend to agree that the film glorifies violence and in ase it is seen by non-adults, it would have lasting effect on their impressionable minds."

The order further said that, "Contrary to submissions of the appellant's (Turner Intl India Limited) counsel that the movie was intended to generate empathy, it is seen that the movie depicts the population lauding violence and the character is receiving appreciation for the same."

"The mental complesities that are sought to be projected would appear to be difficult for non-adults to comprehend. We are of the view considering all relevant factors, the movie has been rightly certified for 'A' viewining only and is unfit for universal satellite viewing."

Ironically, the movie is already being screened in India on a OTT platform.