In a recent interview with a TV channel, she also talked about the actress abduction case and subsequent events that pointed fingers at actor Dileep for the mishap against the actress.
Anusree made some comments, which has become a talking point in social media. "I am not saying anything bad against the collective or saying it is a failure, but I don't feel necessary to be a member of it and don't want to be a part of a blame game. Everyone talked against Dileepettan (Dileep), but we still don't know if he is behind what happened. But what did they do? They publically denounced Dileepettan, said he did it. Can they take back what they said if Dileepettan is proved innocent?"

Anusree also added, “Even though they haven't named Dileepettan, from what they said it was clear who they were talking about. When AMMA had already dismissed Dileep, they came up with another collective, blamed a lot. After that, where did they go? Is their opinion on this issue joined like before? I don't think so. They will go behind another issue when something else comes up.” 

She finally concluded, “If that collective is strong enough, let them find out the truth. That's not happening. They made a collective on an impulse during that time. That's all. I'm not saying it is a failure."