Bengaluru: The die-hard fans of Sandalwood star Yash may be left disappointed as no one will be allowed to do milk abhishekham to Yash's 250 feet cutout due to Bengaluru Police warning.

The organisers of  the event said that on Tuesday midnight there were over 2000 fans on ground to witness the cutting of 5,000 kilos of cake wishing Yash a ‘happy birthday’.

"The fans were mad. Last night at 12 am, a fan started to climb the cutout to pour milk for abhishekham. The police and organisers had to pull the fan back. Fearing huge crowd and untoward incidents, the police also asked us to move the cutout away from the ground," said an organiser.

Byatrayanpura Police, under which the Nandi Link Ground Road falls, said,

"No permission for milk abhishekham is given. We have provided adequate security and put up barricades," said the police.