Gatham is a much-awaited Telugu film releasing this week on Amazon Prime Video exclusively. Belonging to the dark psychological thriller genre, the film takes us on a journey encapsulating a spine-chilling experience. Having said that, the film has steered through some challenges during the shoot as well.

Directed by Kiran Reddy, the Telugu thriller stars Bhargava Poludasu, Raskesh Galebhe, Poojitha Kuraparthi, Lakshmi Bharadwaj and is jointly produced by Offbeat Films and S Originals, in association with Mango Mass Media. 

Gatham is created by a group of US-based students and IT professionals, directed by Kiran Reddy, the thriller is a result of hard work, passion, and struggles faced while shooting. A run and gun film with its own ups and downs, Kiran says, "The temperatures were sub-zero, a lot of snow with the wind blowing on our faces. We started this movie as an independent film now it is a feature but at the start, the crew is cast as well. The actor who was not giving a shot was helping us behind the camera with lights etc. We worked as a family. A lot of effort went in as a family to achieve this goal."

He further mentioned,"Adding to these challenges, the shooting came to an abrupt hault when neighbors thought we were filming adult content and called the police. We had to show the footage and eventually convince them.*

By the looks of the trailer, the movie has us totally looking forward to the release. The protagonist is on a journey with a whirlwind of consequences, we're sure the film will see you on the edge of your seat throughout. A thriller that shouldn't be missed.

The team of a handful of people has created something so magnificent on a shoe-string budget that is totally commendable. It shows the undying passion for cinema and story-telling that such adversities don't come in the way of catering to the audiences.

Gatham is all set to premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on November 6.