Bollywood actors are showing examples of practicing social distancing. Anupam Kher, who returned from the US on Friday, met his neighbour Anil Kapoor on Saturday.  The two actors, who are practising social-distancing and are in self-quarantine due to coronavirus.

Their meeting has made many netizens smile and has raised more awareness about social distancing. The duo exchanged plenty of words from their balconies.

Anil Kapoor shared a video on social media in which Anupam Kher is seen standing on his balcony while they talk about their lives. Anil wrote, "#AKseesAK! Keeping up with traditions but from a distance!! #socialdistancing #staysafe (sic)."

In the video, recorded by Anil Kapoor, the actor is seen asking Anupam Kher about his US trip. He says, "Haan sir, America se kab vapas aaye. How's India treating you?"

Anupam replies, "We are next door neighbours and we can't meet. Gate ke bahar aaya. Aur mujhe hello kar rahe hai. Mai balcony se."

And then Anil says, "Kya karein yaar, Sunita [Anil's wife] aane nahi degi tereko andar." Anupam replies, "Zaroori hai sir, as a responsible citizen," which prompts Anil to sing the Hindi song Tere Ghar Ke Saamne Ghar Banaunga.