Tamannaah’s role was so short in Baahubali 2 was that she is hardly remembered and is completely overshadowed by Anushka Shetty. Sources said that the story had ample scenes with Tamannah in the second part too. But director Rajamouli is said to the reason why Tamannah is not seen much in the movie.

It is said that Tamannaah had learnt horse riding, sword fighting for the second part too. Many scenes were shot with Tamannah in it. But the sequence was not matching with the special effects. There are no complaints about Tamannaah’s acting.

But as the scenes couldn’t gel well with the VFX, many scenes with Tamannaah in it were cut following a directive from Rajamouli.

Thus, though the movie is being praised and is considered the biggest film in India, it is proved unlucky for Tamannaah. Though she is a part of it, it looks like the actress has secluded herself from the magnum opus.