We are not racists; there are black people around us, if we were racists how do you expect us to live with South Indians, said former Rajya Sabha member and of an India-African Parliamentary Friendship Group, Tarun Vijay at a TV show.


How the minister came to make such a statement? The discussion was on how Indians were treating Africans in the country. The community is fed up with the constant racist comments and inhuman treatment being meted out to them in India.


Vijay even said, “You know Tamils, you know Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh. We do love them. We have black people all around us.”


That got everybody riled up. Immediately defences were up and people took offence to being called ‘black’. Huh! Surprising...because no one seems to have a problem with buying fairness creams and skin lightening creams and whitening lotions.


They even don’t have a problem with their favourite stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor or John Abraham or Sonam Kapoor telling us day in and day out how our skins should look like. They keep telling the viewers how radiance , fairness and glowing skin can be achieved in like 14 days or 7 days and in some cases in one splash at the sink. Using these creams also make either sex more appealing to the opposite gender and also is a sign of a stylish, macho man.


Well, actor Abhay Deol called India out on its double standards. Using the very stars we follow and adore he highlighted how they and we as consumers have been setting the bar for fairness too high and our obsession with fair skin. Read the series of posts the actor put up on the topic: