You may have heard Pandavas placing Draupadi on a bet and losing and facing shame in mythology Mahabharata, now in real life, a man not only placed his wife on a bet but also forced her to sleep with fellow gamblers.

The incident which took place last month came to light only two days ago after she registered her complaint with Bhagalpur District Police on Sunday.

As per reports, the victim said, her accused husband Saroj Kumar was a habitual gambler and drunkard and when he lost everything to fellow gamblers during Diwali festival, he placed her on bet and lost.

As a part of the agreement, he forced her to sleep with gamblers and on one occasion she was blindfolded and was raped by one of the gamblers.

The accused had threatened her not to reveal this to anyone and forced her to stay quiet, and again on Sunday, he asked her to sleep with the gamblers. She escaped and complained to the police, following which her husband was arrested and the police are on the hunt for gamblers who assaulted her.