As the nation is under lockdown, the number of cyber frauds and attacks are increasing day by day.  How can we be safe during this time? 

Cybersecurity expert Amit Dube told media that there are many ways by which fraudsters prey on the gullible. He added that it can be in different forms. It can be in the form of an app, link, or a website, which will give you fake information. It can also access your details, duping you of money in your account or sending a virus to your system.

He also said that one must check all links on a website called "", for authenticity before you open them.

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According to reports, over 5,000 such websites are registered which have themes related to COVID-19. Delhi Police’s cybercrime unit last week released a list of at least 70 such COVID-19 related websites that it had deemed ‘potentially dangerous.’

Hospitals fighting COVID-19 at risk of cyber attack:
Interpol has said that the cybercriminals are exploiting the coronavirus crisis. They are also threatening to hold hospitals to ransom despite the life-saving work they are carrying out.

Interpol warns:
It says that the cybercriminals will demand payment before the hospital staff are allowed back in, like the way the UK's National Health Service was attacked with the WannaCry virus in 2017.