1. Interrupting:

While it’s tempting to cut people off mid-conversation, it is not the done thing. It comes across as rude and disrespectful. Even if you disagree with the person, always wait for the person to finish, before you respond.



2. Multitasking at a meeting:  


That’s just bad workplace etiquette. When you are at a meeting, ensure that you’re phone is on silent, and you focus on the agenda at hand. It does not matter whether it’s a small team meeting or  big meeting. 



3. Not participating in workplace conversation: 



You may be an introvert, so butting mid-conversation over a light-hearted office banter may be challenging. However, do take the time and effort to approach your colleagues, and slowly work your way up.



4. Poor hygiene: 


Not wearing deodorant, or wearing too strong a deodorant, burping loudly, and so on can be really off-putting especially when you spend most of your day with them.



5. Loud ringtones


Need we say more?