Bengaluru: With the number of people dependable on Metro for daily travel tremendously increasing, the Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) is trying to accommodate as many people as possible in its metro lines. The Green Line will host a six-compartment metro train soon.

Three metro trains were previously upgraded to six compartments in the Purple Line. Now the first six-compartment metro train in the Green Line will be seen travelling between Yelachenahalli and Nagasandra too.

After the new compartments are attached, train has to complete a series of trial runs for at least for a month. It is expected to have the six-compartment metro train ready for public use in the Green Line by the end of January or by the beginning of February.

The trial run will begin within the second week of January. This train will travel only during peak hours. This route connects Lalbagh too, which is one of the main tourist spots of Bengaluru. In all likelihood, the BMRCL could expect the six-compartment train to generate more revenue on weekends.