Bengaluru: The metro service that was stalled for three days from December 28 to December 31 between MG Road and Indiranagar metro station resumed today.

A crack in the pillar of the metro near Trinity Circle became a cause of concern. The trains were moving with a slower pace near Trinity metro station for a while. In order to conduct a thorough check and repair work, the services between Trinity and Indiranagar were later stalled for three days.

The repair works have been completed and metro will run its usual course today. Though the problem was not a matter of grave danger, as precautionary measure, an agency was outsourced to check the standard and quality of the work and the strength of the pillars. The BMRCL has decided to check the standard of the complete work of Phase I.

The metro services were supposed to start as usual in Trinity Circle, Halasur and Indiranagar on Monday morning. But due to pending work, the routes remained closed and were opened for public only today.

Though the repair work has been completed, the iron fixture supporting the Trinity Circle pillar number 155 will not be removed until next week.