Nishith, son of Narayana, met with an accident on wee hours of Wednesday after the BMW car he was travelling with his friends hit the metro pillar. Narayana who was bound for London on an official visit had spoken to Nishith over the phone on Tuesday at 11 pm.

He had a conversation with his son in Telugu, and had said:

“Nishi… where are you? It’s 11 pm, have you not come home yet? Did you have dinner? Reach home carefully. Ok…. I am a bit busy now, I will be home in two days. Take care while driving the car.”

Gulte had reported that the news of Nishith’s death was first heard by victim’s uncle Vijay Bhaskar, who is also the General Manager of Narayana Groups at 5 am on Wednesday. Shocked by hearing the news, Vijay tried to call the officials who had accompanied Narayana to London. But when he couldn’t get through, he decided to call Narayana directly.

However, Narayana did not pick the call as he was asleep. But later when he called Narayan on the teleconference, not having the courage to tell the truth Vijay said that his son had met with an accident and was injured.

When Narayana switched on the TV, he came to know the truth and collapsed in shock.

Narayana is also the chairman of Narayana Group of Educational Institutions. The 22-year-old Nishith was the director at the Institutions.