The arrival of Hindupuram MLA and film actor Bala Krishna to Nellore created a furore like that of his ‘film release’ but it also brought to the forefront the dissatisfaction in the TDP.

Bala Krishna came to Nellore to attend the oath of office of TDP city president Kotam Reddy Srinivasulu Reddy as Chairman of Nellore Urban Development Authority (NUDA). The reason for this was Srinivasulu Reddy secured this post on the recommendation of Bala Krishna. So he wished to accept his responsibilities only in the presence of hero Bala Krishna.
In this whole drama, only Srinivasa Reddy and his team participated in the celebrations. Nellore city was full of hoardings to welcome the arrival of Bala Krishna. Leaders of Bala Krishna fans association arranged his hoardings at all prominent places and near government offices and also organised a huge meeting. 

During the meeting besides flowers, the dissatisfied TDP leaders also showered their complaints.

This drama was similar to that of the release of a Bala Krishna movie. Many of the TDP leaders did not participate in this meeting.

Anam brothers who attracted people wherever they are, were not to be seen anywhere. Apart from them, even TDP MLAs were inconspicuously missing. 

Kovuru MLA Polam Reddy Srinivasulu Reddy, Udayagiri MLA Bollineni Rama Rao, Ex-Minister Adhala Prabhakar Reddy and city TDP corporators were not seen in the meeting. 

All India NTR Fans Association Chairman and Ex-Minister Tallapaka Ramesh Reddy and his wife Anuradha with their group did not attend the meeting. 

Bala Krishna Fans Association Chairman Kinnera brothers were also absent from the meeting. Ministers P. Narayana, Somireddy Chandra Mohan Reddy, Mayor Aziz, MLAs K. Ramakrishna and Pasam Sunil Kumar were the only attendees.