The SIT investigating the land scam in Visakhapatnam has issued notices to two ministers. The huge land scam in the district created a sensation in the state. It is well known that all the opposition parties agitated against the ruling TDP party regarding this issue. The opposition asked the government to conduct a CBI enquiry into the matter.


The Forest Department Minister Chintakayala Ayyannapatrudu was accused of encroaching thousands of acres of land in the district. The government is in a fix as to how to deal with these accusations against the minister. The statement of District Collector Praveen Kumar stating that the land records have been tampered with is all the more incriminating.


Chandrababu at first said that he would have an open investigation regarding this scam but later on formed a Special Intelligence Team (SIT) to look into the matter.


SIT immediately camped in Visakhapatnam and started its investigation. In an update of the investigation, the SIT chief Vineet Brijlal spoke to the media and said that they issued notices to ministers Chintakayala Ayyannapatrudu and Ganta Srinivasa Rao.


YCP intensified its agitation basing on the accusations of Chintakayala.  According to YCP, Ganta was the prime accused of the scam and along with him were five MLAs and one MLC. They accused Nara Lokesh to be the game planner.


SIT issued some notices during the course of its investigation. It asked the accused to meet the officials and produce proof of their innocence. Brijlal said that they received 965 complaints on the scam.