Comedian Saptagiri releases name of next film - Saptagiri weds Sunny Leone

First Published 6, Nov 2017, 6:28 PM IST
Saptagiri weds Sunny Leone  is the New Title of Saptagiri next venture
  • Names of film actors used as titles for films is rarely used in the film industry
  • Character artist and comedian Saptagiri has achieved this not once but twice
  • His film titles with his name seems to be a sentiment and will continue for his third film

Comedian turned hero Saptagiri’s second film’s title was confirmed. It is rarely seen for an actor’s name being named as the title of the film and in Saptagiri’s case this has happened twice as his name Saptagiri seems to be a sentiment to the filmmakers.

His first film Satagiri Express was a success and so his next film is titled Saptagiri LLB. This film is ready to be released soon. The title of his third film has already been confirmed according to sources.

Saptagir Weds Sunny Leone is the rumoured title of his third film. This title is sure to attract crowds even if Sunny acts or doesn’t act in the film. But people feel that including Sunny’s title would mean that they may rope in Sunny for the film to act beside Saptagiri.

On the other hand, actors who had their names to their films are Akkineni Akhil in his debut film Akhil. Mahesh Babu’s pet name Nani and Allu Arjun’s name Bunny were used as film titles.