Wife’s intention to teach a lesson to her husband and quit him from drinking addiction backfired when the husband commits suicide by falling before a running train. This sad incident was reported in the 3rd ward of Tallabhadra village of Palasa-Kasibugga municipality in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh.

According to information given by the police and local people, Randhi Narsimhulu married to Jayalakshmi has two children Chaitanya and Kishore. The couple had frequent fights because of the alcohol addiction of Narsimhulu and Wednesday morning also witnessed another severe fight.

Stressed with the frequent disturbances and financial burden, Jayalakshmi who worked as a labourer in the local cashew industry, sought the help of the Kasibugga police and requested them to warn Narsimhulu and change him. Police visited the house of Narsimhulu in the afternoon at 3:00 pm and enquired the neighbours.

Narsimhulu heard the news of the police visit, felt insulted, consumed alcohol and around 7:00 pm went to the railway gate at Tallabhadra. According to witnesses, Narsimhulu tried to fall before a Goods train going from Palasa to Barampuram. He fell scared and came away, and then he stood on the tracks before Puri-Tirupathi Express coming from Palasa. 

The train driver kept honking the horn but Narsimhulu didn’t bother and fell before the train. The train dragged him 100 metres before stopping. 108 ambulance was called in but Narsimhulu died while giving emergency treatment. Palasa GRP K Kodanda Rao acted as investigation officer and filed a case of suicide.

Sadly, none of the witnesses at the Railway gate tried to stop Narsimhulu or call for help. They were just silent spectators.