This is what Kotla Surya Prakash has to say about him joining TDP

First Published 18, Sep 2017, 2:46 PM IST
Kotla Surya Prakash  joining TDP
  • Reports of Kotla Surya Prakash joining leaving Congress has been doing the rounds.
  • There are claims that the veteran Congress leader is planning to join TDP.
  • Some reports but claimed that Kotla was in discussions with YSRCP leadership.

Former Union Minister and Congress leader Kotla Surya Prakash Reddy spoke to the media on Sunday to clarify the news of his joining TDP (Telugu Desam Party).

He criticised that some people are intentionally spreading bad propaganda of his leaving Congress to join TDP.

Kotla Surya Prakash lost the 2014 Kurnool MP seat and from then on limited himself to his village but participated in Congress activities. Since last few days, rumours have been doing the rounds that he plans to quit Congress.

The senior Congress leader has rubbished the claims that he neither plans to join YSRCP or TDP. Prakash said that neither his family nor he has plans to leave Congress as he has ethics, which does not allow him to jump ship.

Attacking TDP, he said that the ruling AP government will lose the 2019 elections as CM Chandrababu Naidu has done nothing for the upliftment of Rayalaseema region. He has wronged the farmers of the region.