The Kadapa Steel Plant Sadhana Samithi (SPSS) along with students, unemployed youth and Rayalaseema activists have been agitating for the steel plant mentioned in the AP Bifurcation Act but none of the electoral representatives have responded to this.

SPSS president GV Praveen Kumar Reddy has questioned the negligent attitude of the legislators.

The steel plant agitation programme was organised in the Masters Junior College in Proddatur and was called as the Rayalaseema Students Voice. They questioned the Kadapa district legislators for not questioning the government as there has been no talk about the steel plant even after three years.

They questioned as to why the steel plant doesn’t seem to be a problem to the legislators, who otherwise agitate in police stations for people involved in unsocial activities.

Praveen Reddy asked the youth to question the legislators as to why the Central and state governments are not implementing the promises made in the AP Bifurcation Act. He said both the Kadapa and Rayalaseema districts' students and unemployed youth are eagerly waiting for the steel plant.

He warned the government representatives to take immediate action and warned that they would intensify the agitation otherwise. He requested the students, unemployed and their parents to take part in the protest march organised for awakening the leaders to the need for Kadapa steel plant.