A man who was separated from his wife since three months was found dead and rotting in an old unused well. According to the locals, Kanneboyina Durgaiah (32) went out to buy beedis five days ago and from there he informed his neighbours that he would be going to his mother-in-law’s home to see his two sons.

But Durgaiah didn’t return back home and even after intensive search his relatives couldn’t trace him. They even lodged a missing case at the police station on Sunday evening. While police were investigating, they were informed of a rotten body in an old unused well between Jangavanigudem and Yerravaram villages.

Police identified the body as Durgaiah based on the clothes. Durgaiah was married to a woman from the village 14 years ago and they have two sons. For the last two years, both the husband and wife had been fighting over her extramarital affair.

The village elders sought to pacify the couple but both have separated and for the past three months Durgaiah’s wife was living with her mother along with their two sons. In these circumstances Durgaiah went to meet his children on that fateful night.

Villagers suspect that the couple fought again and his wife must’ve killed him with outside help and threw him in the well or that he must’ve have committed suicide tired of the frequent bickering.

The police have lodged a complaint and are investigating the case.