Harassed for giving birth to a girl child a second time, woman kills self

First Published 14, Nov 2017, 12:36 PM IST
Birth of a girl child leads to harassment and suicide of another mother
  • A new mother committed suicide in an Andhra village after she was harassed for giving birth to a baby girl.
  • The police found that the young woman found it unbearable to live after she was shunned by her husband.
  • She was abused and mistreated for giving birth to a girl child a second time.

A young mother committed suicide by hanging after she was harassed by her husband for giving birth a girl child a second time. The incident was reported on Monday in Ramkonda village of Tuggali Mandal in Kurnool district.

According to the police, 22-year-old Chamanthi alias Lavanya, daughter of Kasim was married off to one Ramanjaneyulu, a resident of Kocchervu in Don mandal three years ago.

Their first child was a girl but that didn’t disrupt the couple’s happiness. Chamanthi, however, gave birth to a second girl child, three months back. However, since then he had been avoiding her and used to mentally harass her.

Ramanjaneyulu came to his wife’s village on Monday but avoided visiting her. Mentally upset with his attitude, Chamanthi killed herself. Chamanthi’s father Kasim later filed a case against Ramanjaneyulu.