A 4-year-old boy was mercilessly killed by an ASHA worker when she mixed rat poison in a Kurkure packet, fed him, gave water and left. She said that it was not for the others when the other children asked for a share in Kurkure.

According to the police and family members, Pinnika Dhanunjay (4) is the second son of Sudhakar resident of Pidathalapudi village in Chimakurthy mandal of Prakasam district.

When Dhanunjay went to the local Anganwadi Centre on October 27, Velpula Jyothi from the same village working as ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) worker forcefully fed him Kurkure mixed with rat poison, gave him water and left the place leaving the packet.

After sometime Dhanunjay’s health condition worsened and the family took him to Ongole Hospital and then shifted him to Guntur Private Hospital. Failing to respond to the treatment he died on Saturday evening. When they inquired at the Anganwadi Centre, they came to know about the incident and filed a complained with the police.

The family directly took the body to the police station on Sunday and sought the immediate arrest of Jyothi. Family expressed their doubts about the death of Dhanunjay’s brother Tarun (4) on November 17 last year. They suspect Jyothi of mixing poison in the rice and Sambhar she had fed him that fateful day. But they assumed he might have died of sickness.

Now they raise doubts and accuse Jyothi of even killing Tarun. Extramarital affair seemed to the cause behind the murder.