When family turn foes: Andhra doctor kidnapped by parents, finally rescued by police

First Published 10, Oct 2017, 6:24 PM IST
Andhra doctor kidnapped by parents finally rescued by police
  • A young AP doctor went against her parents’ wishes, married a person belonging to another community.
  • The girl’s parents unable to accept the news beat her husband and kidnapped her
  • The police went to her rescue and apprehended six culprits

In a story, which seems to be something out of a film, 15 men beat up a man and kidnapped his wife, all at the behest of the woman's parents. But it all ended well, after the police finally were able to rescue the girl from his parents.

The incident took place in Thondavada village of Chandragiri mandal in Chittoor District. The police also arrested six people, who were involved in the kidnapping bid.

According to local reports, the kidnap victim identified as Sirichandana hails from Kadapa and is an MBBS. She is currently doing training as house surgeon in Tirupathi. While in college, Sirichandana fell in love with her friend Revathi’s brother Naveen Kumar.  

Fearing her parents’ wrath, Sirichandana married Naveen on August 16 in a temple in Thondavada. Then they filed a complaint with the local police station SP. Hearing the news of the marriage Sirichandana’s parents met with the couple and had discussions at the Alipiri Police Station in Tirupathi.

Sirichandana refused to leave Naveen Kumar and her parents were plotting to kidnap her. An opportunity came when Sirichandana had to work as House Surgeon Trainee in Chandragiri hospital.

Rambhupal utilised this opportunity and kidnapped Sirichandana on Monday. Some 15 goons, attacked  Naveen and his sister Revathi. Sirichandana’s family along with 15 others stopped the two-wheeler on which Naveen, Sirichandana and Revathy were going back home after duty. They threw chilli powder in Naveen’s face, beat him up and took away Sirichandana.