An earthquake that can destroy Chennai, Tirupathi?

First Published 19, Sep 2017, 5:44 PM IST
An earthquake that can destroy Chennai Tirupathi
  • IIT Roorkee team are studying fault lines beneath Tirumala Hills, Palar and Tranquebar
  • They have identified tectonic plates in the region that can collide to cause future earthquakes

A team of researchers from IIT Roorkee have claimed that an earthquake can prove disastrous for the popular tourist town of Tirupathi. It can even flatten Chennai, the researchers said.

A group of scientists for the past few weeks have been mapping seismic source locations to study seismic hazard in South India for the Central Water Commission. As part of their study, they have been tracking fault lines beneath Tirumala Hills, Palar and Tarangambadi or Tranquebar in Tamil Nadu where tectonic plates threaten to collide and cause future earthquakes.   

An earthquake in Tirupathi would be disastrous as it is one of the holiest pilgrimage centres where a large number of devotees throng every day. On the other hand, a tremor near Tranquebar or Palar could devastate settlements within a radius of 200 km including Chennai.

The Roorkee scientists are conducting the study as it is critical for building dams and power plants. A website with updated seismic hazard assessment for South India will be launched in early 2018.

Till date, it was widely thought that only the Northern part of India was prone to tectonic plates but with this new study, now it is proved that the South Indian cities are not safe.