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Actor Sivaji corners AP CM Chandrababu Naidu with 5 questions over unfulfilled promises

  • Actor Sivaji questions AP CM Chandrababu on his unfulfilled promises
  • He alleges the rate of increase in corruption
  • He also accuses Chandrababu for playing dirty politics
Actor Sivaji hurls 5 questions at AP CM Chandrababu
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Actor Sivaji known to raise his voice against injustice to people now throws an array of questions to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu raising issues in the state.

According to HMTV report, his five questions are based on the dirty politics played by the government, Chandrababu’s political manifesto for the gain of power which is not feasible to do. He is straightforward in asking why Chandrababu promised the public many schemes when he knew they cannot be achieved.

Here’s what Sivaji has to say in his video-post:

“Honourable Chandrababu Naidu, I will be asking you five questions. If you can answer them, then I will never question you again.

  1. Loan Waiver Scheme:

Have you succeeded fully in waiving the loans of the farmers after you have come to power? Did the people ask you about loan waiver scheme? You included it in your Election Manifesto. You promised it to the people. Then why were you not able to fully implement it?

  1. Reservation to Kapu Community:

Did the Kapu community as a whole come and seek you to give them reservation? Did they ask you to include it in your manifesto? You did it on your own and now they question you. Your intention may be different and you didn’t discuss it before the Kapu communities. But you promised and now you fail to live up to it.

You pretty well know it isn’t feasible but in spite of it you included it and now you are responsible for the clash between the two communities BCs and Kapu.

  1. Special Status:

You along with Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu promised the people Special Status for 15 years in Tirupathi meeting. You promised to convince the Prime Minister else the state won’t flourish, is what you said. People didn’t ask you but you promised them and went back on your word.

With Special Status, many industries would have come to the state solving unemployment problem. But you didn’t do it.

  1. Unemployment issue:

On every wall was the slogan, ‘Job will come once Babu comes’ during election campaign. You promised Rs 2000 as unemployment income for youth with no jobs. Did you give it? When did you give it and for whom? Please tell us the statistics if you have done so.

  1. Eradication of Corruption:

Corruption is on the heights in the state as never before. There’s corruption everywhere and an example is my own district. One reputed leader’s son in my district is busy earning crores with corruption, in sand, land, contract and every small vendor. They are not leaving even a banana seller on the road. What measures are you taking to remove this corruption?”

Sivaji’s questions raised many issues and brought to the forefront the many problems faced by the people of AP. Sivaji asks the CM to first clean his leaders, ministers and party workers before coming to the people.

He also requests every political party not to play with the people and not to include in their manifesto any issue which is not feasible to achieve.


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