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Viral video: Delhi food outlet serves strawberry and blueberry samosa, internet divided

Samosa is one of the most popular street food snacks in North India.  In a recent viral video, a Delhi food outlet went one step ahead in experimenting with the humble samosa. The outlet serves bizarre strawberry and blueberry samosas and has left netizens divided on the internet.  

Viral video Delhi food outlet serves strawberry and blueberry samosa internet divided gcw
First Published Sep 26, 2022, 5:17 PM IST

Most Indian homes often eat samosas, which are a traditional snack. A food vendor in Delhi has experimented with the conventional ingredients by incorporating flavours of fruits like strawberry and blueberry. Some samosa enthusiasts are uneasy after seeing a video of the pink and blue samosas that has gone popular online. A portion of the internet does appear eager to sample the tested food, though. A person can be seen demonstrating the components used make the pink and blue samosas in the viral video that is going around the internet.

The pink ones are known as strawberry samosas and have strawberry and jam fillings. The blue ones contained what seemed to be blueberry jam in a similar manner. The "Samosa Hub" is the name of the restaurant in Delhi that provides the peculiar samosas. The popular video implies that blueberry and strawberry samosas are dessert specialties.

The video has received over 32.1K likes, 3M views, and hundreds of comments since it was posted. Some samosa aficionados were not pleased with this cuisine pairing, while others were eager to give it a try.

A user wrote, "Please don't do this with samosa it is an emotion," another added, "There should be a law against such fusion food."

Viral video Delhi food outlet serves strawberry and blueberry samosa internet divided gcw

Many thought this was a fun experiment. A user wrote, "Ahh definitely waiting to try this," another commented, "Something unique and different." "This is soo amazing," a third user commented.

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