Mathura. The entire country is troubled by the rising infection of the corona virus. This disease has spread so much panic among the people that people are also afraid to handle minor cold and cough. One such case has come up in Mathura. The body of a young man living here was found in a well. He was suffering from cough and fever for few days. 

People say that he committed suicide cause of Corona phobia. Police arrived on the information, police took out the dead body from the well. After this, post mortem was handed over to the next of kin.

The youth left home at three o'clock on Sunday night. There is a discussion in the village that the young man had cough and cold for a long time. when the cough and cold did not heal he suspected himself of covid 19. 

Mahendra (36) son of Kare, a resident of Mundesi village of Thana Highway, left the house on Sunday night, then did not return home. When the family looked for the young man on Monday morning his sleepers and mobile was found near the well. When people looked into the well, the body was floating in it. 

Police was informed about this, when the police pulled the body out of the well, it was Mahendra's body. A family person of the deceased said said that his uncle Mahendra was terrified of the corona virus. He was not letting anyone sit around him. He suddenly left the house at night and in the morning his body was recovered from the well.