The Editors Guild of India has expressed concerns over some sections of the media labelling farmers who are agitating in Delhi against the farm laws as 'Khalistanis' and 'anti-nationals'.

In a statement, the Editors's guild underscored that such reportage without evidence goes against the 'tenets of responsible and ethical journalism' and compromise the 'credibility of the media'.

"The Editors Guild of India is concerned about the news coverage of the farmers' protest in the national capital, wherein certain sections of the media have been labelling them as 'Khalistanis', 'anti-national', and other such terms to delegitimise the protests without any evidence or proof," the statement said.

"EGI advises media organisations to display fairness, objectivity and balance in reporting farmers' protests, without displaying partisanship against those who are exercising their constitutional rights to express themselves. Media should not be complicit to any narrative that derogates dissent stereotypes protestors based on their attire and ethnicity," the statement issued by EGI president Seema Mustafa further said.