TJAC chairman Prof Kodandaram foresees weakening of KCR government

First Published 14, Oct 2017, 7:59 PM IST
TJAC chairman Prof Kodandaram foresees weakening of KCR government after six to seven months
  • TJAC chairman Prof Kodandaram is confident that TRS government would weaken after six to seven months
  • He listed out the failures of the TRS government in its three and half years governance

Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) chairman Prof M Kodandaram speaking live on Facebook on Friday evening discussed various critical issues of the state and reassured the people that the government would pressurize the people only for six to seven months after which there will be change in circumstances. Some of the important points of his chat are:

  • TJAC is undertaking a yatra to educate the people the defects of the ruling TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samithi) government’s policies
  • Even after three and half years of governance the government has not recruited any employment in spite of 2 lakh vacancies
  • The statement of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao that the world won’t flood if DSC is not announced is uncalled for. He cannot understand the grief of the unemployed
  • The suicide of Ramakrishna in Narayanakhed due to unemployment and no hopes of securing a job is the condition of all the unemployed who strived for a separate Telangana to secure employment
  •  Pipelines and overhead tanks in many villages are being rebuilt to benefit the contractors and the commission the government leaders get through it.
  • Government is not heeding to our demand either to give employment or unemployed pension. We will not allow outsourcing of jobs from now onwards
  • TJAC is undertaking a mission on October 31st to pressurise the government in implementing the Supreme Court’s orders of equal pay for equal work. The program would be at LB Nagar and surrounding areas
  • I request you to participate in the Amaraveerula Sphoorthi Yatra to be conducted on Saturday and Sunday. Please participate and make it a success
  • TJAC decided to fight against the corruption of Janagama district MLA Mutthireddy Yadagiri Reddy
  • Tadicherla mines have been given to private sector and a TRS leader is benefiting from this act. Let’s fight against corruption and ask CM to take action against such leaders
  •  Telangana is once again immersed in debt for programs which have no direction like Mission Bhagiratha. Pipelines are being laid not knowing the areas where the reservoir would be constructed
  • Hyderabad’s prestigious Victoria Home is being taken over by Police Commissionerate
  • University jobs are being handed over to TPSPSC which is against the University laws as the University would lose its deemed status
  • Ministers have become festival idols with no powers
  • Home Minister cannot transfer an SI
  • Finance Minister can’t release funds
  • Excise Minister cannot issue a policy in his department
  • Health Ministry decisions are made in CM’s office
  • Government has become dictatorial with no one able to question it. When TJAC started asking questions, they want to dissolve TJAC
  • The government can pressurise us for another six or seven months after which it is our rule. CM KCR said that he single-handedly did the whole Telangana movement. How can it be possible without the support of the people?
  • CM has become a dictator, using power to his needs, using budget and resources according to his needs
  • CM became bosom friend to Andhra Contractors for commissions. He shut the mouths of media with Rs 500 crores. Telangana people are able to know the true facts because of social media and cheap Jio internet facility. But CM is trying to curtail social media which isn’t possible
  • We are fighting for the goals of Telangana movement and not for personal gains. We are fighting for democracy and I invite you to come and participate in this trial of ours.